Support a Survivor

2021 was very tough for me. I became a victim of family violence.

Please, consider supporting me and my son in our fight for the truth, fair judgment, and normal life.   

As my special thanks for any donation of yours, I'll forward you the link for a free download of my "ARIA" album.

God bless you!

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How can I donate if I'm not located in the USA? 

I deeply appreciate your desire to help!

- If you're located in Ukraine you may send your donations in UAH to:

                 PrivatBank  4149  6293  0144  4659

                 Monobank  4441 1144  1323 1612

- In case you're outside of the USA or Ukraine, please, use Western Union, MoneyGram, or Ria (some charges may apply) to donate to Olena Karpenko, Ukraine. To complete a transfer of this kind, please, CONTACT me in order to provide the transaction code.